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Learn how to write better books faster from an NYT Bestseller with 40+ novels written and over 1,000,000 books in print – and go from “blank page” to “finished manuscript” in as little as 30 days. Scroll down to find out more.


Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, we’ll show you a simple system to write a BLOCKBUSTER novel-length book in as little as 30 days.

“Every good story - from the wildest sci-fi romps to the grittiest crime dramas, steamiest romances, and most exciting adventures - is made up of 7 key elements: 4 distinct phases and 3 game-changing moments.”

— Joe Nassise - Story Engines

From Nick: Recently, I shared the story of an author from Phoenix, AZ, who had developed a system for writing a novel in as little as 30 days.

Joseph Nassise – a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 40 novels – showed us how his blueprint took him from writing one book a year to five or six books a year – helping him grow his readership and exposure by tens of thousands of loyal fans and over 1,000,000 books in print (both traditionally published and self-published).

Haven’t heard Joe’s story and seen his results? Check out the detailed interviews here.

Once people saw Joe’s approach, they went crazy (good crazy) and bombarded me with questions – specifically, how can Joe produce such top-quality novels in such a short time and keep readers coming back for more?

After hearing this question again and again, I reached out to Joe and asked him to share every little detail of exactly how he did it – and how you can use his process for your own books.

This is Joe’s story…


Hi, Joe Nassise here. I’m a New York Times and USA Today international bestselling fiction author and writing coach with more than a million copies of my books in print around the world.

Nick and I developed the Story Engines training to help other authors understand the power that exists inside their stories and how they can use that power to grow and expand their writing careers.

Taken from over 10 years of publishing experience and over 40 books written – both traditionally published and self-published – the Story Engines “bestseller blueprint” will help you write faster, produce better drafts, and keep your readers coming back for more – time and time again.

All of which – of course – means more readers and more sales for you.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “How does that author sell so many books? Mine are just as good!” or “What makes that book so special?” or “How does that author find enough hours in the day?” I know I have. I didn’t start out a New York Times bestseller, I assure you.

I struggled to write even one full-length book a year when I started out, needing multiple drafts on each one to get the story right – rather than using that time to produce additional manuscripts and building my audience – meaning I missed out on that extra income and exposure.

But after a couple of years of writing and publishing books, and still not having anywhere near the sales I needed to be able to make a living – never mind a comfortable one – with my work, I knew I had to do something.

I saw other authors’ books performing significantly ahead of mine, and I thought to myself: “I know my books are at least as good as these – why am I struggling so much?”

My reviews, when I got them, were good. People genuinely liked my work, but it took me too long to produce it at the quality level I desired (and the work deserved!) I needed to do something, but I didn’t know what. I was so frustrated.


I spent months learning to change my approach – going through a “mad scientist phase” to find out what works. Rather than focusing on the mechanics of the process, I looked at the “whys” behind it.

In other words: why did I like that particular novel or that specific movie? What was it about that story that drew me in and kept me entertained, often for hours at a time?

Then, once I knew the answers to those questions, I developed a system to incorporate those elements and details into my own work – as efficiently as possible.

Once I had a plan and a process to do that, I set out to make sure it was replicable. I didn’t want to do it just once – I didn’t want to be a one-hit wonder.

What I wanted was a system I could use every time I sat down to start a new project, ensuring my success long before the book was ready for my readers.


Once I learned to focus on the right things (and ignore everything else) my entire writing career changed.

I went from writing a single novel a year to writing four, sometimes five or six full-length projects.

I went from working with one publisher to working with 4 in the U.S. alone, never mind the foreign translations sales that suddenly started coming my way. A few short months later, I quit my day job in the information technology industry to become a full-time author.

Ten years later, I have more than 40 novels in my name from multiple publishers around the world, on top of an internationally successful series that I independently self-published myself.

Bottom line: once I learned what I’m going to show you inside Story Engines, I was able to spend all day doing what I love, with the people I love.

If you could do the same, what would that mean for you?


It doesn’t matter whether you write thrillers, mysyteries, romance, science-fiction, horror, fantasy, LGBT novels, or paranormal westerns about an evil unicorn named Brutus, narrative non-fiction, or anything else you can think of – this system works.

It works because you are finally able to do justice to the story you are trying to tell, which in turn attracts the type of readers that will devour your work, time and time again, delivering the sales you need to build a lasting career.

The best part? It isn’t a crazy complicated system that takes months to master. All you need are seven key elements arranged in the right order and a willingness to implement what I’ll show you. In short, you will finally have a way to produce stories that you can be proud of in less time than you’ve ever needed before, without all the wasted rewrites and hours upon hours of editing.

And you can do it again and again and again… 

I’ve developed a system you can use that works – regardless of the types or genres of books you write. It works because your stories “plug in” to the fundamental way we are all “wired for story” – leading your readers on a compelling journey from start to finish.

  • We’ll start by showing you how to come up with great story ideas, and how to “test” them to make sure they can support a full book.
  • Then, we’ll show you how to develop the right CONFLICT and STAKES in your story, and develop fully realized characters to drive your narrative forward.
  • Next, we’ll reveal the full Story Engines seven-stage framework – four distinct phases and three game-changing moments – which all work together to drive your plot forward, and keep readers turning the page.
  • And finally, we’ll work through the practical stages required to put pen to paper (or pixels to screen?) to actually write out your first draft – all the way from planning, scene arrangement, and research, through to re-writes, editing, and the proofing stage.

Then, of course, you’re ready to move on to the next project (or take some time off). Let’s dig a little deeper…



“Working with Joe helped me rediscover the writer’s voice I thought I had lost from years of being in a different industry. He was also correct in convincing me that my voice and style is marketable… I have the checks now to prove it!”


“Joe helped me understand plot loopholes, why some things worked and others didn’t, and why I should keep believing in my vision, which, I think, is the biggest thing a writer wants. Exactly one year later, I have three agent offers for my manuscript, all with decent publishing houses. Had it not been for Joe, my current reality might have been quite different.”


“I started watching one of Joe’s videos while on holiday. Two months on, guess what? My book goes live tomorrow! Thanks to the fab advice was easier to write and in my opinion loads better than my first book.”

Sitting down to write a book is no small feat – and achieving a full novel-length work in 30 days might seem extreme… but when you break it down into manageable, logical, and sensible “chunks of work”, it’s not so daunting. This is where Story Engines comes in.


Every good story – from the wildest sci-fi romps to the grittiest crime dramas, steamiest romances, and most exciting adventures – is made up of 7 key elements: 4 distinct phases and 3 game-changing moments.

When you implement the Story Engines system, you’ll see just how easy it is to use this blueprint to come up with new ideas quickly, turn those ideas into compelling narratives, and structure, plan, plot and write your books in record time.

And, because you’ve put the Story Engines system in place, your drafts will be better – requiring less work – and, more importantly, your stories will connect with readers on a deep emotional level.

All of which means you’ll write faster, more effectively, with less stress, and have readers coming back for more – meaning more exposure and sales for you.


Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day for your writing? Do you spend too much time writing and rewriting and rewriting again just to find the heart of your story? Do you find yourself getting partway through a draft only to abandon it in the middle, uncertain of where you are going or just what to write next? After you’ve finished your book, do you think to yourself, “What do I do next?”

I know I did. At least, until I figured out the power of a story told in just the right fashion. Once I did, my production exploded – without increasing the amount of time I spent on projects – and readers were devouring my books in droves. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

And guess what? I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the same. No “fluffy bunny” thinking here, only proven, ethical, and easy-to-replicate techniques that will allow you to write better stories faster– putting you in direct control of your success.

In short – whatever stage you’re at, we’ve got your detailed step-by-step writing plan ready and waiting for you inside the Story Engines training program.  

We’ll show you how to:
  • Come up with endless ideas for great stories
  • How to “test” your ideas to make sure they support a full book
  • Develop your characters, your protagonist, your antagonist, and “world building”
  • Create the right CONFLICT and STAKES in your story – to pull the reader in and create an emotional connection
  • No more “muddy middle”: how to plan out your book using the 7-stage Story Engines framework (4 phases and 3 game-changing moments) to ensure your book has the “wow factor” it needs to stand out from the crowd and keep your readers turning the pages
  • The key emotional and narrative “beats” to include in each phase or game-changing moment, and how your characters grow and evolve throughout the course of the book
  • How to brainstorm your scenes, and arrange them in the right order to drive the plot forward – meaning you always know “what to write” when you sit down to work, and how it all fits together
  • The practical steps – how to actually START WRITING and keep it FUN – and smash your word-count goals (hint: some of these strategies are counter-intuitive)
  • How to polish your first draft – the re-writing, editing, and proofing phases
  • And more…

By the time you’ve completed your training, you’ll have a solid framework and writing plan you can use again and again to create vivid and compelling stories to keep readers coming back for more.


The Story Engines training is presented in detailed, step-by-step, HD instructional videos covering everything you need to get you from “blank page” to “finished manuscript” in as little as 30 days. Inside, I’ll show you how to use the 7 step structure of blockbuster storytelling – 4 key phases and 3 game-changing moments – to create books that readers can’t put down. Here’s how the training material breaks down:

Module 1

Wired For Story – how to make your books resonate with readers on an emotional level and keep them coming back for more

Module 2

3 Story Elements You Can’t Live Without – Intro to the building blocks of your book: Premise, Conflict, & Structure

Module 3

The Art of Story Structure – how Blockbusters are put together, & the 7 step process you need to use to write them

Module 4

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore. Detailed breakdown of the “Preparation Phase”, the cornerstone of your entire story

Module 5

And all Hell Broke Loose. A deep-dive into Game Changing Moment #1, or “the reason why your characters exist”

Module 6

Like a Chicken with its Head Cut off. Here, I’ll show you The Reactive Phase, and why this is so important for your characters

Module 7

Peek Behind the Curtain. I’ll explain Game Changing Moment #2 & how to drive your narrative forward

Module 8

Taking the Battle to the Enemy. I’ll unveil The Proactive Phase & how to use it to keep readers hooked until the end

Module 9

An Eye Opening Revelation. I’ll show you Game Changing Moment #3 and how to dramatically raise the stakes

Module 10

Once More into the Breach. How to use The Conclusion Phase to end strong & get readers begging for more

Module 11

The Planning Process (Part 1). Writing a book can often seem overwhelming – here’s a simple way to break it down

Module 12

The Planning Process (Part 2). How to pull everything together to plan, plot, structure, & write your book in record time.


We’ve got some great bonuses lined up for you too – including a detailed five-part video guide to making the most out of NaNoWriMo 2018, comprehensive cheat sheet breakdowns, and our VIP Private Community – where you can get help, feedback, and support throughout the full development of your book.

“No matter what genre you write and regardless of your experience, we've got your bestseller blueprint ready and waiting. All you need to do is implement what we'll teach you.”

— Joe Nassise - Story Engines


The Story Engines premium training is your blueprint to go from “blank page” to “bestseller”. We’ll teach you the 7 key elements of blockbuster writing, we’ll show you how to pull it all together to write your book in as little as 30 days.

We’ll show you how to come up with great ideas, how to “test” those ideas to ensure they’ll support a full book, and how to expand your ideas into fully fledged stories – ready for publication.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the program:

  • 12 core modules: Joe will walk you through the 7 key elements of blockbuster story-writing and how to go from “I have no idea for a book” to “finished manuscript” in as little as 30 days
  • Bonus 1: Your Networking and Support Community – meet and connect with other authors going through the material, get help implementing the course material and 24/7 student support with our private Facebook community.
  • Bonus 2: The Ultimate Guide to NaNoWriMo [New for Oct/Nov. 2018] – how to make the most of Nation Novel Writing Month November 2018 and get your first draft written (and looking great) in 30 days.
  • Unlimited Support – got a problem? No problem! Email our trained support desk or leave a question in the Facebook community and we’ll get you on the right track, fast.
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet – we’ve broken down the Story Engines sytem into an easy-to-digest reference document, so you can revisit the training whenever you choose, focus on the parts that matter to you right now, and never get overwhelmed.
  • 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee – if you preview the material and don’t think it’s a good fit for you, simply email our support team for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

Essentially, Story Engines is your A-Z of writing and publishing – either as an independent self-published author, or as a traditionally published author. The strategies are the same whatever stage you’re at, whatever genre you write, and whatever publishing route you choose to take.

Take a look behind the scenes in this video walkthrough:

It all comes down to those THREE things:

  1. Crafting an engaging story, fully fleshed-out characters, and a compelling narrative structure, to keep readers turning the page – time after time 
  2. Developing a “road map” so you’ll always know what to write every time you sit down at your desk, and how everything fits together in the “bigger picture”.
  3. Implementing a system to actually “get words on the page” and create a polished first draft in record time, with minimal editing or re-writes required.

We’ll show you exactly how to do all this inside the Story Engines premium training program. And, most importantly, we’ll show you how to IMPLEMENT your learning – to get your first draft written as quickly as possible (from “idea” through to execution).

It’s one thing to give you the “theory” – and quite another to make it actually happen. Which is why we’ve designed this program to be IMPLEMENTED as you go, meaning you’ll be coming up with ideas and crafting your next (or current) book as you go through the material. Just like these students:


Margi Prideaux

“Wow, I am speechless. This really works. Not just in a minor way, sorting through the cobwebs in the attic of my mind. It works at a fundamental, structural level, even for a non-fiction book! I am SO impressed! “


“Story Engines has been phenomenal. Joe Nassise’s core training videos changed the way I think about stories. I learned how to recognize my deficiencies, to reorganize, and to rewrite my novel’s first draft. Joe is a definite gem. His developmental critique is sharp and right on. He helped me work on a premise which I have struggled with for a few years, a new outline, and a synopsis. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to write a story. This course is invaluable in that it helps you save time and Joe is there when you need him.”


“I am getting so much out of the Story Engines course! I’ve been struggling with this book since NaNoWriMo. I already know so much more about this story than I learned “pantsing” about 60,000 words. (Not all of which have to be trashed, thank goodness.) Story Engines is one of the best investments I’ve made in my writing career.”


“It’s an excellent system that’s easily tailored to any writer’s needs. It is THE BEST money I’ve spent on my education as a writer, and I’ve been at this professionally for well over a decade. It’s a killer course. Get it!”


“I hit a wall with my writing two years ago, so this has really helped SO much already get me on track to write and publish 7 books ASAP of a series I started to write in 1996. I won’t give up on my writing. Full stop. Thank yous to Nick and Joe.”


“Tonight, I watched the first video with Joe Nassise on going from idea to plotted novel… 3 hours later I have a fully plotted novel! All this after I haven’t written for 6 months.”

So, now you’re thinking to yourself, “What’s the next step?”

To enroll in the full Story Engines premium training and take your first steps toward a comprehensive writing system, you just need to choose an option below. Each options comes with our standard 30-day guarantee, and yes – you get full access to everything when you join.



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No problem. Here are some of the common ones – or email us at support@yourfirst10kreaders.com and we’ll help you out

I Write Romance, Thrillers, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Christian Fiction... [INSERT GENRE HERE] - Will This Work For Me?

Yes! The Story Engines process is NOT genre specific. So long as you write fiction (any type) or narrative non-fiction (eg: memoirs, parables, biographies, true stories, etc) then this system will help you develop a book that will hook readers from the beginning and keep them coming back for more.

s this Course just for Self-Published Authors or is it for Traditionally Published Authors? Does it Matter?

It doesn’t matter! Whether you’re self-published, traditionally published, or a mix of both (even if you haven’t written or published anything yet) this material is designed for you.

How Long Will the Course Take to Complete?

We recommend around 1-2 hours per week to watch the material and 2-4 hours per week to complete the implementation.

Though if you prefer to move slower, or faster, we can accommodate you. Some students have been known to complete first drafts within a couple of weeks, while many will take longer. We prefer that you work at your own speed and work with us and the community where and when you need support and guidance.

What Makes "Story Engines" Difference from Other Courses?

There are dozens of courses out there which teach snippets of writing technique, or a handful of “hacks” that only work for 5 minutes.

Story Engines is a complete, A-Z program that has been developed over 10+ years and is responsible for over 1,000,000 books in print, has helped authors win awards like The Nebula and Bram Stoker prizes, and is the only program that offers world-class material AND in-depth personal support to help you write the books you always wanted to write.

Do I get Access to Everything? Do I have to show up Live?

You get access to 100% of the course material with your first payment – we don’t hold anything back.

And everything is pre-recorded and ready for you. Meaning you can access it whenever you like, go at your own pace, and get help and support when and where you need it.

We’ve also got our rock-solid 30 Day Guarantee – so you can “test drive” the material for 30 days for no risk. If you decide it’s not for you, just tell us and we’ll offer a prompt and courteous refund – no questions asked.



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