Scaling Up With Advertising – An Author’s Guide


This article series will walk you through everything you need to have in place BEFORE you start advertising, how to create effective campaigns for your audience, and I’ll give you the “secret sauce” to making Facebook Ads work overtime for you – including how to scale up to hundreds (or thousands) of clicks per day without ruining your ROI. It’s a slightly unusual approach… Scroll down to get started.

“My ads would work GREAT for a few days, but then they'd fall off a cliff. And every time I tried to scale up beyond a certain point, the costs got unmanageable.”

— Nick Stephenson (that's me!)

^^ Does that sound familiar? Yeah, I’ve been there too…

Something happened in 2018. We were quite happily spending thousands of dollars a month on Facebook advertising, and regularly seeing 100% or more return. Happy days.

Then, suddenly, we weren’t. 

Facebook changed the way they display ads to their audience, tweaked some secret algorithms behind the scenes, and all our strategies stopped working. Not so happy days.

In fact, halfway through 2018 I stopped running Facebook ads altogether. And it was several months before I started re-learning everything I *thought* I knew about the platform.

I wasn’t hugely optimistic. Everyone and their sister was saying “Facebook ads don’t work”, or “Facebook ads are too expensive”, or “There’s too much competition”.

But I also knew that there were a lot of people KILLING it – so I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel…

So, I dived in headfirst and threw the “old” rulebook out the window. Around $15,000 in spend later, I realised something important…

The strategies that get you to a few hundred dollars a month are NOT the same strategies that can scale you up to thousands of dollars a month. Or tens of thousands. Or more.

In other words, to paraphrase Marshall Goldsmith, “What got you here won’t get you there”.



Instead, I found an unusual approach to running Facebook ads – one that allows you to keep your budgets tightly reigned in, easily find and test the most effective target audiences, compare different combinations without setting up complicated and fiddly A/B tests, get all the most important metrics at a single glance (without diving through reams of data), and, most importantly, allow you to scale up quickly and profitably – by focusing on what’s already proven to work.

I want to share this new approach with you – but first, I want you to understand how Facebook advertising fits into an overall “system”, and how it can help your business thrive.

That means “throwing out the old rulebook”, just like I did, and re-learning exactly what it is that makes advertising such a massive potential for you.

So, I put together this article series – it’ll walk you through everything I’ve learned and the results I’ve seen (slashing my ad costs by 85%, scaling up from a handful of clicks per day to hundreds of clicks without ruining ROI, and how I’m seeing big ROI on ad spend while only spending a few minutes per day tweaking and adjusting my campaigns).



I’ll lay it all out for you in this series. And then, if you want to learn more and get some detailed walkthroughs and personal help from me, I’m launching my brand-new program, the FB Growth Machine, later in April. I’ll tell you all about it in the final article (as soon as it’s ready).

I’m writing all these articles “live” – so as soon as they’re done, I’ll email you to let you know. There’s no opt-in required, and you can click around and absorb the material at your own pace. And if you have any questions, just drop a comment at the bottom of the article and I’ll be back with you ASAP. 

Let’s dive in!


PART ONE: Your Advertising “System” – How to Massively Improve Your Results (hint: the ads themselves are only one piece of the puzzle)

PART TWO: How to build that “system” around your ads, to make sure you’re getting the best results – and automating as much as possible

PART THREE: How we can tweak and optimise our campaigns to get the best results – discover profitable “mini audiences” – and make our budget work harder for us

PART FOUR: How to start scaling up without ruining your results (a very common problem when you try to spend more)

PART FIVE: Invite to the brand-new FB Growth Machine training program (limited spaces)