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This is the exact system I used to grow my business from $0 to over $1,000,000 in 24 months and is used by thousands of my students worldwide. Learn how to grow your audience on autopilot and sell more books and other products – without being “sleazy”.


“Sometimes it takes someone new to point out how to take things to a different level. Within a few weeks, my fiction fanbase more than tripled – and conversion rates on my non-fiction website improved by over 50%.”

— Joanna Penn, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author


Using an automated process to attract the RIGHT readers, nurture and build your brand, and sell the VALUE of your work without being sleazy or scammy.

After writing 6 novels, several non-fiction books, releasing multiple online courses, and starting a software company – I’ve learned (the hard way) what it takes to build a readership that will actually BUY from you.

In other words, we want to:
  • Generate consistent and scalable traffic
  • Turn that traffic into subscribers and build your platform
  • Lead your audience on the journey “towards the sale”
  • Automate, scale, and repeat

Over the course of the free videos, I’ll show you everything you need to put this “system of assets” into place.

“Nick's system helped me more than triple my email list. We hit the top of the charts in several popular genres with no buzz. I rarely endorse anyone, ever. Consider this an endorsement. That should speak volumes.”

— Russell Blake, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author


There’s a story behind all this. And the twist ending is an audience of readers who WANT to hear from you and who WANT to buy your books.

We’re taking the conventional “brute force” approach and turning it on its head. Instead of trying to CONVINCE readers to buy your work, all you’re doing is talking to the RIGHT readers in the RIGHT WAY and making the VALUE of your work shine through.

You’re not trying to “trick” or “force” or “bribe” people into buying your books. Your cultivating an audience who LOVES you and letting their excitement and desire do the work for you.

This is exactly how you can build a sustainable business without relying on massive ad-spend or brute-force tactics.

I have more to share with you, if you want it. If you’re ready to try something different, I’ll lay out the entire framework for you – but only if you’re ready to get stuck in. So, my question: are you interested in learning how to do all this?

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