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How to build a successful multi-platform ads campaign using “Reader Funnels”. Check the short video below for instructions on how to access your materials – available in a variety of formats to suit your learning style.

If you’d like to read through the transcript while the corresponding slides display, or you’d like to watch & listen while the transcript highlights the words being spoken, access the interactive version of the workshop right here:

Click here for the interactive webinar replay

Or, if you’d prefer to watch the whole session, download the video for offline use, or download the slides, access the static versions here:

Click here for the video and slides

Click here for the audio (mp3)

I hope you enjoy! If you’d like to enroll in Mark’s training program – Ads for Authors – the course is open until midnight Pacific on Wednesday 18th December. When you enroll through my affiliate link, you’ll also get 2 extra bonus courses for free: Your First Six-Figure Launch and The Author Marketing Machine. More details in the email I sent you!

Click here for more details about Ads for Authors – the full training program (closes Wednesday)