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^^ A Quick intro to everything I want to show you in this workshop (and how it all fits together).

“I've gone from 180 subscribers to almost 3500. Also, I used your launch strategy for my latest mystery and I sold over 200 ebooks in one day. I actually hit #4 in hot new releases for Private Investigator books.”

Renee Pawlish - Author

Join Joanna Penn and Nick Stephenson for an all-new on-demand workshop, where you'll discover a proven blueprint to go from $0 to $1,000 per month (or more) from book sales. Attendance is limited - so make sure you register ASAP to avoid missing out (and if you can't make the times listed, if you register your details, Nick will send you the replay). 

During this webinar, you'll learn: 

The math behind $1k a month & how many books you actually need to sell (hint: it's fewer than you think)

How to convert traffic into sales & email subscribers - and what to do with your list once you've grown it

The three-step formula to build a sustainable author career - traffic, conversions, and scaling up (I'll take you through it all)

How to automate your marketing systems, so you can spend more time doing fun stuff

How to drive endless traffic to your books and websites, without needing a huge ads budget (some of these strategies are 100% free)

The secret to scaling up profitably - bringing everything together into a solid growth plan

Plus, we'll cover...

The simple cover tweak that improved sales by 400% overnight (you can do this for your books, whatever your genre or experience).

The exact strategy I used to hit the USA Today Bestseller List - without spending a single dollar on advertising (anyone can copy this).

How "Reader Magnets" led to getting nearly 200,000 downloads of one of my books in a single month (plus, how to set it up yourself).

As entrepreneurs, we know we need to do "something" to grow, so we try "everything". And, inevitably, get burned out wasting time with activities that just don't move the needle (sound familiar?). Instead, let's try a different approach...

By the time you've completed the workshop, you'll have an actionable plan to grow your traffic, sales, and audience - without needing a massive ads budget or a PhD in Engineering. And while we can't guarantee how long it will take for you to hit your sales goals, we will give you a proven roadmap to follow to get you there as fast as possible.

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Joanna Penn is an Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction. She's also a podcaster, international speaker, and award-winning creative entrepreneur. 

Nick Stephenson is a USA Today bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction, and also specialises in helping other authors grow their businesses and find their First 10,000 Readers (over 75,000+ authors helped to date!).  

How is This Workshop Different?

So many workshops and webinars focus on "one crazy trick" or "one special loophole" to get you results. But reality check - these things don't exist. In reality, growing your author business to $1,000 a month (or more) means getting your head around various marketing and selling strategies - and getting them to work in harmony with each other before you can automate, scale, and grow your results. 

 Is it hard work? Sure. But the hardest part of marketing is "figuring out what works", so we'd like to help you skip that part and show you some proven strategies that work together to help grow your sales and your business to where you need to be.

In this workshop, Nick will take you through a proven blueprint for attracting more traffic to your books, how to convert that traffic into something useful (eg - sales and email subscribers), how to sell to your email list (once you've grown it, using these strategies) and then how to automate and scale. 

There's zero BS, zero "fluff", only focused, practical, and proven strategies that you can take away and implement right now. Check the video at the top of the page for more details, and make sure you register using the button below. If you can't make it to the times listed, if you make sure you're registered, Nick will send you the replay.

^^ Please note: our software only allows a limited number of people to attend, and these workshops fill up fast! So please make sure you register to save your seat - if you can't make the times listed, we'll make sure to send you the replay within 24 hours.

“Within a few weeks, my fiction fanbase more than tripled – and conversion rates on my non-fiction website improved by over 50%. And with over 80,000 visitors a month, that makes a big difference!"

Joanna Penn - NYT Bestselling Author